Deep Dive into the Heart of the Feminine

A transformational one-to-one experience

Tailor-Made Just For You

This life-changing one-to-one experience with me will wake you up to your reality, powerfully heal the wounds that are holding you back and ensure your inner strength and magic are brought forth.

You will connect deeply with yourself to understand how to go out into the world and fulfil your greatest potential.

Your Deepest Desires

You’re strong and determined so you won’t give up easily, but sometimes this spiritual path you have chosen feels just too darn hard.

And whilst you sense a calling towards deeper meaning for your life, it gets lost in the painful recurring patterns that hold you down, and the day-to-day demands of all the roles you have to play.

You crave a profound connection with yourself and the space to be of service to others. Yet whilst this is your truth, your fear constantly gets in your way, ensuring you miss the deeper fulfilment that is so close within your grasp.

As a spiritual being you sense your own power and the possibility of a more feminine way of working in harmony with your own natural rhythms and those of the Earth. And the realization that your femininity is the secret to move you beyond this plateau is something you’re excited to explore.

You can clearly see how the world could be a more magnificent place. You long to discover your deepest, truest calling and be one of the change makers who step up and make change happen.

I know finding your courage excites you and you’re ready to face your demons. You’re ready to step forward into the unknown, and truly be of service to the world.


Yes Enchantress… NOW is your time…

The Earth Needs You Now…

The Earth needs us right now. It needs us to wake up, pay attention and heal the wounds that are holding us back from fulfilling our potential.

It needs you. Not stuck in fear and old conditioning but wild and free. It needs you in your power.

I know you want to be the change you wish to see in the world. I know that you can be an unstoppable force. And whilst fear and resistance have kept you safe this far, they can also keep you stuck in frustration, guilt and sadness.

It’s time to unleash your magic

You Can Expect Miracles…

So, for a moment, imagine …

Being held in a safe sacred space with an expert guide. This guide creates such a sense of trust within you, that you are able to share anything in that space, knowing that it would be accepted with loving kindness. You are able to express your wildest dreams and release that which holds you back. Imagine the transformation that would take place.

This is the alchemy we create when I work one-to-one with you. From the moment we speak and plant your intentions, through our intensive work together and beyond, I hold you energetically, as the process works its magic. With your heart and soul invited to lead the way you are able to find, heal and move beyond a lifetime’s patterns.

Your perspective changes and inspiration comes. You see possibilities. You sense freedom. You know deep within that something has shifted and that you are a brighter, lighter version of yourself than you were before. You know that you will take that home and out into the world and that I will support you every step of the way.

If that feels really delicious, then this is your calling …

Experience Deep Transformation…

You know that deep inside of you there is a magical place where your purpose sits quietly, waiting for your feminine magic to be awoken. This place knows your strength, your power, your wisdom. It is the place from which the miracles flow…

You can feel the stirrings of a new life… a new you and it excites you. You just need a metaphorical spark to ignite the fire within, and to hold your hand as you take the leap into the fiery depths of your feminine soul.

Let me be your guide. I will be that hand holding you through the fire and helping you to the other side. Together we will release your magic and create transformation for your life.

This incredible Deep Dive Experience can open a space within you to:

  • Reconnect to your wisdom, passion and purpose.
  • Experience a renewed sense of connection and belonging.
  • Discover the ability to tune into your body and hear her wisdom.
  • Find a safe, intimate space to express strong emotions that you don’t feel able to release elsewhere.
  • Find a sanctuary to move and dance or shout and scream in private and in complete safety.
  • Have the opportunity to experience a personalised ceremony or ritual to allow you to fully process an event in your life and move forwards whilst honouring that memory.
  • Discover the chance to dive deeper into your feminine cycle, your innate power and the wisdom of your womb.
  • Find a safe space to heal and move beyond the painful patterns in your life; accessing and holding the parts of you that keep you living small when you long to shine more brightly.
  • Experience the permission to do whatever YOU need, to take your next steps towards more authenticity, freedom and joy in your life.

As a woman, your life is busy and your time is precious, but you know, your beliefs around lack of time are keeping your magical being stuck. When you tell yourself you are selfish to take time for yourself, or that your children’s needs come first, know this…

The work I do asks “is this true” and the answer is always “no”. This is important soul work that will change your life and give you back more time, more ease, more flow. We can all find time to browse through Facebook or watch TV. There is always time. Your children need you whole. Give your time to that which matters most.

The Deep Dive Process

The Deep Dive into the Heart of the Feminine begins with a free 20 minutes clarity call to decide whether this experience is right for you AND to set your intentions for the work we will do together.

As soon as you make the decision to work with me and to commit to this work the Universe begins to conspire in your favour. As we both hold your intentions in our hearts the process begins, even before we meet face to face. Together we tailor make this Feminine space to hold exactly what you need it to in that moment, to move your life towards freedom, fulfilment and joy.

We then meet at my home in Totnes Devon for your intensive 2 hour session with me.

Deep Dive with Jane Kelly

This allows you to access and heal deeply buried parts of your psyche. I encourage you to be with whatever emotion arises, be it sadness, anger, shame… they are all welcome and are all portals to a deeper sense of peace, joy and awareness.

The magic continues to unfold after we meet, so my offering also includes an email summary of your session with advice and tips as to how you can ensure you are fully supporting yourself to embed the changes you have made and integrate our work together fully into your everyday life.

Ideally we would do this work face-to-face but if you’re further away and hearing the call loud and clear then please get in touch so that we can make it work in the best way possible for you. The more I do this work with women, the more I realise how critical it is for us as human beings and collectively for the planet to reclaim our true Feminine power.

Seize the moment … Take this opportunity to reconnect deeply with your heart and soul

So trust your intuition now. You know in your heart and soul if this is what you need at this time.

Say, YES before your opportunity has gone and the limited places have been taken for this year.

When you book your FREE clarity call with me NOW to discuss your individual needs and desires, you can secure your place. Plant the seed of your intention and see what the Universe responds with.  I am ready to take your hand …

Your Investment for a full Deep Dive Experience is just £295, and because I am so confident you will love the life-changing results, I am going to offer you my Happiness Guarantee! I want you to feel safe in your choice to work with me. So I promise you that if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your experience, you can simply contact me directly within 7 days of completion and I’ll refund 100% of your investment – how’s that for Happiness Guaranteed!

So Let’s Imagine …

If you were able to change your life in a day? If you were able to say yes to the invitation from the Universe to transform? If you were able to be held and supported by an expert guide.

What might you create? What might you heal for yourself and all the generations to come? How would it feel to live divided no more?

It’s time to say YES! to life and live your true purpose …

The Earth needs you and you are ready. Break your chains and step up into the powerful woman you know you can become.

Book your session now.

Experience your deepest, most delicious transformation so that
you can meet your calling and change the world

And don’t forget, your Deep Dive investment is fully refundable if you love working with me so much that you go on to join Walking the Labyrinth this year.