Idea Babies

Coming Soon…

The photo above is of my real babies…aren’t they beautiful?!

I am learning that a thing doesn’t have to be finished before it’s ready to be shared…just like us over a lifetime my ideas and offerings evolve. This is the nursery space for my ideas!  These are things I really want to offer you as an awakening woman, but just haven’t yet brought fully into the world.

Divine Discovery Days

Calling forth your Wild, Wise Woman

If you’re someone who is looking for a place where you can be deeply held in circle with other women, be initiated into your power and develop a fuller expression of your wise, wild self then sign up to my newsletter or contact me so that I can let you know about my Divine Discovery Days.  My vision is that they will be just that, a divine experience for awakening women from beginning to end. These will be one day workshops held here in Derbyshire. Connect with your own divinity, meet your soul sisters, sing, laugh, cry, express…and be deeply held.  We will have a chance to connect with the seasons through ritual and ceremony, meet the wild power of our own menstrual cycle and much more!

I am also looking for the perfect venue to allow us comfort, privacy & calm, a beautiful indoor and outdoor space and a home-from-home environment where we can eat delicious healthy food and relax on big squishy sofas!  Somewhere to give you a truly nourishing day to re-connect with yourself, with others and with the divinity within and all around you. Please get in touch if you know the perfect place.

Partners in crime for these days would also be very welcome. I love to collaborate with other awakening women whose work complements my own to give attendees an even more divine and delicious experience.  Let me know if this sounds like you!

Speaking from the Heart

Since I went through the death and rebirth process that has brought me to this point in my life and work, I haven’t yet done any public speaking or workshops.  Yet it’s something I love to do and have been successfully delivering for almost 20 years!

I would be delighted to share my truth, my work and my inspiration at events for awakening women; from intimate Moon Circles to workshops and keynote speeches at large conferences and events. If you are looking for an inspiring public speaker for your women’s event or a spark of originality in your workshop program and think we might be a good fit, please get in touch. I will work with you to ensure the content I deliver is a perfect fit for your audience and event.

I speak, hold space and deliver passionately and eloquently, sharing both my expertise and an inspiring personal story. I am delighted to speak about any aspect of my life and work including:

  • Feminine cycles and womb wisdom – harnessing the wisdom and spiritual power innate in the female body
  • Presence, mindfulness and being here, now
  • Wheel of the year – working with the seasons to create transformation and magic
  • Shadow work – claiming all of ourselves to become healed, whole and healthy
  • The five elements to create sacred space
  • Ritual and ceremony

Please contact me to discuss your event and requirements in more detail.