Jane Loves …

Jane Loves …

Some of those things that keep me more fully alive and full of joy

  • My husband, my children and Patch our Springer Spaniel. Three of them push my buttons and one gives me comfort and solace when they do! Can you guess which one?!
  • Prioritising balance in my life so that my days include lying on the floor for a “yoga” break and time to contemplate nature as a necessity, not a luxury; as I balance my own needs with a family and a calling
  • Catching up with good friends for a long walk, a natter and a slice of (gluten free!) cake
  • Sticking to my daily meditation practice whenever I can and being gentle with myself when (inevitably!) I don’t stick to it. Letting myself be held, guided and inspired to do what I need – even when the girls disapprove (chanting!) or my Inner Critic goes berserk (lying on the floor in a blanket on day 2 of my period and experiencing complete bliss)
  • Lots of hugs from my husband and two beautiful girls, friends, clients, dance partners – even strangers!
  • Deep sharing, mothering, fun and connection with the wild wonderful women in my Women’s Circle
  • Peace and solitude in my beautiful garden and the deep pleasure of living and working in the wonderful Derbyshire countryside
  • Jumping up and down in muddy puddles and silliness in general!

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