Midwife of the Soul

Creating a safe, sacred space for awakening women to unleash their magic

Midwife of the Soul

Creating a safe, sacred space for awakening women to unleash their magic

Welcome to the doorway to your most magnificent life

Welcome awakening woman. I see you. I feel how your heart has been cracked open by life, how deeply you are committed to your spiritual journey.

I know that you want to find your authentic voice but you’re afraid of how you might be judged or ridiculed for being yourself and expressing your truth. You often feel like you’re different, “out there”, that no-one gets it. That no-one gets you. That if you were to be fully yourself you would be labelled crazy, too much and dismissed or rejected, starved of love.

So often you feel burnt out and too damn tired. You know that life is a cyclical journey, that there is a natural balance if we allow it to flow but you can’t see how you can embrace your innate feminine nature and still function in the outer world.

You crave sisterhood, connection and belonging but it scares you. You know that vulnerability and authenticity are the paths to what you so deeply desire but nowhere feels safe enough to fully express all of who you are.

You feel things deeply. Emotions can hold you hostage, making it almost impossible to function normally. You know that these uncomfortable feelings are something to be explored and held so that they release their gifts. You want to find a safe space to release their magic.

You know that you have gifts inside you that the world needs at this crucial time of the Feminine re-awakening. You want to take that leap of faith. You are no longer going to allow your fear from holding you back from following the call of your heart and soul.

With me as your Midwife of the Soul we can create miracles!

You are a magnificent being, a divine creator. You are life expressing itself. You are the creator of your own experience, capable of absolutely anything you choose to be capable of!

  • You can release the life force within you to bring new energy, zest and magic into your life
  • You can allow your energy to flow effortlessly into your creations. You can create a life which sustains you, nourishes you and fills you up whilst being of deep service to others
  • You can feel deeply connected. You can find where you truly belong; your tribe, your sisters
  • You can feel at one with the sacred every day and make your every-day sacred
  • You can embrace the feminine; her cycles and her gifts, bringing them into the outer world to heal the earth

This is my deep invitation for you to join me in my heart and my home

I will hold a space for the wholeness that is you. So that you come home to yourself, to who you were all along. I am honoured to do this until you are able to hold yourself, not alone but as part of a sisterhood of awakening souls. You have everything you need inside yourself. You know this deep inside of you but it’s hard to hold onto, hard to trust and keep the faith. You struggle to trust in your own power and beauty and magnificence. This is where I come in. I see your potential, I hold you energetically as your highest self for the entire time we work together – whether that’s a day, a month or even a year.

It’s alchemy in action – I see you as magnificent so you become it. As you see yourself at that vibration everything around you that is not in alignment with that becomes visible. If you can see this as the beautiful spiritual awakening that it is then your life becomes ripe for miracles

I am the midwife of the soul

I bring together the lessons of a lifetime, weaving together the threads of knowledge from every teacher I have ever worked with my innate gifts of intuition, courage and compassion. I honour the sacred, surrendering to the flow of life and claiming our place as women in transforming both this world and ourselves. This is my unique offering to you, my soul calling. I would be honoured to guide you to rediscover yours.

If this resonates for you I am here. I would be honoured to walk your path with you. Book your free connection call with me now.

It is time to be heard, acknowledged & celebrated for the divine goddess you are.

Answer the call of your soul and become the change you wish to see in the world.

Join myself and your awakening sisters across the globe.

Together we heal. Together we rise.

Awaken your Inner Goddess and Unleash your Magic

Receive my beautiful ritual to create your own sacred space and enjoy a Date with the Divine

Phoenix Rising

An exclusive 9-month intensive for awakening women

Deep Dive into the Heart of the Feminine

A transformational one-to-one-experience

Walking the Labyrinth

An exclusively tailored and deeply held one-to-one journey

Seasons of the Feminine

A series of workshops through the turning of the year

Deep Dive into the Heart of the Feminine

A transformational
one-to-one experience

Walking the Labyrinth

An exclusively tailored and deeply held one-to-one journey


Working with Jane was an eye-opener! I went to places that I didn’t know existed within me, and all done in a gentle, loving space. She has this incredible ability to make you re-acquaint yourself with YOU. That alone is what many of us have lost (mostly unconsciously) and repeatedly try to seek. Following the sessions with Jane, I became more able to truly love and value myself, and as such I’ve put my best true self forward. This has had a massive positive impact in my personal and work life. I definitely have started living life more consciously as a result of a renewed awareness of the Universe and a reassurance that I have a significant place in this vast space. All thanks to Jane…Blessings. Ral Gbandi


I recently attended Jane’s Womb Wisdom Workshop and womb blessing ceremony, it was just fantastic. Healing, supportive and fun! Since attending I have felt happier and really motivated in my everyday life. Obviously it has shifted something that I didn’t even know was there 🙂 Anna Kowalski

Yoga teacher & Crystal healer

My personal coaching with Jane has been life changing. Jane was able to truly guide me by using her own intuition in such a compassionate and safe way. It has fed my mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit in immeasurable ways. I have experienced tremendous growth in my self-acceptance, self-confidence, and personal power and feel immensely grateful. I strongly recommend Jane if you are committed to making major changes in your life. I have greatly benefited from her wise counsel and progressive approach. She is insightful, warm, caring and supportive and helps you take the necessary steps to achieving optimum health, happiness and quality of life. Kerry

Owner & Founder of Rainbow Connections

I find Jane to be a very wise intuitive woman who has gifts and insights in abundance that she shares generously with others. She helps me to connect more deeply with my true self and I treasure her honesty and courage in living her own life with passion, truth and commitment. This shines through in her work. Susan Staveley


I think of Jane, and I think of nurturing compassion, she helped me re connect with my soul, that was lost in the midst of day to day struggles. Through her sessions, I regained the purpose of my existence. Yes, life continues to throw challenges my way, but I’m a different person now. Jane teaches you the skills to re discover your true potential, amazing how all the answers lie within you, if only you reflect and connect with your inner self! Jane, you’re one person I’d like to remain connected with as long as I exist. I have never felt this wholesome and content in my life! Natalie Hunter

Medical Doctor

Working with Jane has been transformational. Her process of helping me connect to my inner wisdom and uncover limiting beliefs is incredibly illuminating and inspiring. She guided me through realisations that helped me become aware of interior barriers, learn from them, and shift them to implement lasting changes. Jane is a fabulous practitioner and shares much love and compassion through her work with clients. Carolee Laffoon

Coach & Mind-Body Skills Practitioner

Thank you again for all your help, life is VERY different to when I last saw you. Doing what I love is still scary, but I am getting so much better at feeling the fear and doing stuff anyway! I feel like a totally different person. So thank you for your help. Without your kindness, insight, encouragement and pushing me to challenge my beliefs I would not be where I am now. Rosalind Black


I met Jane at the lowest low of my life, confused and too many unanswered questions about my life. A few weeks of fortnightly sessions made a great difference in me. I learnt the real essence of life, love, and mankind. She’s is great at bringing you out of the dark corner, and giving you wings to fly. Try…. PW

Trainee Doctor

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