7 signs you are (peri)-menopausal and how to ride the wave

  You might only be in your early 40’s and be wondering if you’re ill, or worse – mad! Trust me, I’ve been there. But there is another explanation for the roller coaster ride that can happen at midlife. Maybe you’re (peri-)menopausal. Here are 7 signs that you’re on...

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Imbolc – the Menarche of the Year

Imbolc is only a week away.  It is one of the ancient fire festivals of our land, marking the transition from Winter into Spring.  As such it is a threshold to be crossed. As with all thresholds there is great power in traversing them consciously, with reverence and...

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Winter – the Wisdom of the Crone

Deep winter.  Stillness, death, darkness and also deep wisdom.  It is a time when our inner teacher is so much closer to us, only a breath away.  She demands that we surrender to her to receive her wisdom. To acknowledge our need to slow down, nurture ourselves,...

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Too Much Woman

What have you been told you are “too much” of?  Too loud?  Too shy?  Too sensitive?  Just too much to handle?  Too wild? I have been reading “Rise Sister Rise” by Rebecca Campbell.  It is a firecracker of a book, one that has nurtured me, challenged me and set me...

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Midlife: When the Universe turns up the heat

Can you feel it? Life has been simmering away gently on the hob and suddenly it’s as if an invisible hand has reached out and turned up the heat to maximum temperature.  Rather than the lid keeping all that boiling liquid safely under control it is suddenly pushing...

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For the givers, the helpers, the menders of broken hearts

Are you one of life’s givers?  One of the carers others are drawn to for support? When the chips are down and it feels like everything in life is a struggle, who is there to re-assure you and to tell you that “this will pass.  It will all be OK.”?  I’m asking because...

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Another ordinary day

My husband is away.  The kids are at each other’s throats.  I have PMT.  Yesterday I spent a good hour stay listening with the girls (a wonderful Hand In Hand technique that I value deeply but that yesterday entailed my being kicked, punched, screamed at and sobbed on...

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The Tooth Fairy and the Nature of Reality!

My youngest daughter Lottie lost another tooth this week.  It was a moment of celebration for the family but also a lesson in how we each see life through our own individual lens.  At 8, Lottie still lives in a magical world with fairies and unicorns being just as...

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The Quiet After The Storm

Today is a back to school day.  After a long, wonderful, challenging and life affirming summer I am once again able to sit at my desk with the house breathing a long quiet sigh around me.  I have an opportunity now to focus on my own needs as well as those of the...

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The Edge

I am on Iona.  It feels like the end of the known world.  The beginning of the unknown.  What is the risk we take when we take those first tentative steps from the known into the unknown?  What does it take for us to remove the masks which we believe to be whom we are...

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The Language of the Heart

The language of the heart speaks softly, like a whisper in your ear.  It can be the soft caress of a warm wind on your skin or the sound of birdsong on the wind.  We can only hear it when we are still and quiet enough to tune in.  When we are open to finding meaning...

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