My Inspiration

My greatest inspiration is those people who are awakening alongside me. Those who are daring to live their own best lives, being courageous and vulnerable and dealing with their stuff from the inside out. Especially the incredible circle of women I have been part of here in Derbyshire for the last 2 years. These women have given me the greatest gift of all, that of belonging. Of being held and loved no matter what. My wish is that every woman and every man in the world will one day experience this for themselves.

I would not have been able to have made the miraculous changes I have in my life over the last few years without tremendous support, inspiration and guidance. From teachers to friends and family to books I have read, I am truly grateful for everything that has brought me to this point where I am able to fully experience everything life has to offer. We find the inspiration we need at each part of our journey and I hope that perhaps some of the links below may offer you something that helps you to fully experience your own path.

My greatest teachers have been my husband and children. Daily they challenge me to practice what I preach and to rise above my conditioning to be truly present with them. I don’t always manage it but I do always try!

Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” was given to me by my lovely friend Clare as I decided to deal with my depression without any medication. It introduced me to meditation and to the peace we can find within us even in the most challenging of life circumstances.

Dr Mark Atkinson created Human Potential Coaching, the approach that underpins all the work I now do. He is a truly visionary man who inspired me to walk the talk and thoroughly incorporate his teachings into my own life. Through that process I was able to move beyond patterns and beliefs that no longer served me and truly begin to flourish as a human being.

Penny Quaile-Pearce led an intensive breathwork retreat at Gaunt’s House which I attended when I was at my most vulnerable point, in the deepest darkness that comes just before the dawn. She, Luke and Jill were at my side physically and figuratively as I healed some of the deepest emotional wounds I had carried and found the light at the other side. Thank you!

The Findhorn Foundation has been an important part of my spiritual life since I first visited in 2012. The experiences I have had there and the connections I have made continue to inspire me on a daily basis and my annual visit has become something of a pilgrimage. I continue to be in awe of this community who have brought spiritual principles into their daily lives for over 50 years whilst also being at the cutting edge of eco principles and personal development. I am also honoured to have had our local Findhorn RP, Granville Stone as my meditation teacher. Those Tuesday nights have helped me to move the psychological equivalent of mountains!

A few years ago I discovered the work of Miranda Grey and of Alexandra & Sjanie at Red School and started for the first time to tune into my feminine wisdom at a much deeper level. I now actively engage with my natural cycle in both work and the rest of my life and it has increased my health, energy and fulfilment many times over. I am a registered Moon Mother and hold the Worldwide Womb Blessing whenever I can. I believe that awakening the deep power of the feminine is key to healing many of the challenges humanity faces at this pivotal time in our history and take a deep pleasure in working towards this with both awakening men and women. Starting a women’s circle has been transformational for myself and for all who attend. It has allowed me to feel deeply accepted for just who I am and created a safe space for us all to explore our deepest selves. Thank you my wonderful Namas’cray crazy ladies!

Parenting is an often overlooked path to personal and spiritual development yet those little people who mirror our flaws so magnificently have so much to teach us! Finding Hand in Hand Parenting has helped both myself and my family to grow in ways I would never have thought possible even a year ago. Using a parenting approach centred on connection fits perfectly with my coaching work. It has freed me from much of the guilt I felt as a parent and given me real tools to handle what my little darlings throw at me on a regular basis! It has transformed all of our relationships as a family and I am beyond grateful for that.

Most recently Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling touched my soul profoundly as they led us through our Celebrant training. What I learnt about ritual, ceremony and the sacred will always stay with me. It was also a huge amount of fun, and drumming and chanting are both now things I never want to be without! This felt like the thread that pulled together all the others into my gift to the world by becoming the Midwife of the Soul.

Many, many other people, books and events have touched my soul along the way, and many will continue to do so as I move forward. My thanks go out to my coaching buddy and truly inspiring awakening man Jonathon for his consistent patience, love and support, to Jo Dall, my Kinesiologist and Sharon Jackson my Ayurvedic Practitioner for helping me find my way back to health; to Jenny for bringing yoga into my life and to all my wonderful friends who have supported me through it all. You know who you are!

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