Seasons of the Feminine

Cycles of the Earth


 A series of sacred ceremonies
through the turning of the year

Heal the wounds that are holding you back from your feminine power and magic  


Join me for this in person ceremonial circle. Connect deeply with yourself and other awakening women whilst learning how to work with the cycles of the Earth and your feminine nature to birth your dreams into reality and fulfil your greatest potential.


Safely open to your true authentic nature as an awakening woman


Allow yourself to be held in this nurturing space. Sink into the warmth and connection and feel yourself loved and accepted just as you are.Tune into the energy of the earth, find your authentic voice and step into your power.

Gain a sense of balance, connection and inner contentment as we journey together through the seasons


Remember your innate connection to the Divine

Centred around the Wheel of the Year each circle takes place on one of the ancient fire festivals of our land. They weave together the cycles of the year, our menstrual cycles, the five elements, the moon phases and the Feminine life-cycle. Rediscover your innate connection to the seasons, the Divine and life itself.

Discover where you are in harmony with your true nature and where you are blocked. Together we will bring light to and dissolve any barriers that are holding you back from living your most magnificent and courageous life.


Book your place now

Each ceremony will be tailor-made for the women who
come together on the day and is a wonderful opportunity to:


  • Dive deeper into your feminine cycle, the cycles of the earth, your innate power and the wisdom of your womb.
  • Reconnect to your wisdom, passion and purpose.
  • Experience a renewed sense of connection and belonging.
  • Remember your ability to tune into your body and hear her wisdom.
  • Find a safe space to heal and move beyond painful patterns in your life
  • Experience the permission to do whatever YOU need to take your next steps towards more authenticity, freedom and joy in your life.

In this safe, sacred space magic happens

Your perspective changes and inspiration comes. You see possibilities. You sense freedom. You know that deep within something has shifted and you are a brighter, lighter version of yourself. You know you will take that magic home and out into the world and you will be supported every step of the way.

I feel like a totally different person, so thank you for your help. Without your kindness, insight, encouragement and pushing me to challenge my beliefs I would not be where I am now.

Rosalind Black



All circles will be held at the Yoga House in Harberton near Totnes.

This sacred space has a wonderful energy for deep healing, transformation and renewal.


£25 per person

Places are strictly limited so book now to ensure you are part of this sacred space.

If you have any queries I would be very happy to hear from you.  Just contact me on


Each ceremonial circle will run on the weekend nearest the festival, 2022 times and dates to be confirmed. 

Winter Solstice – 19th December 2021 4 – 6.30pm   The Crone, darkness, deep knowing and stepping into the void

Imbolc – 4th February 2022 – The dance of Maiden and Crone, Earth awakening and stepping into Spring

Spring Equinox – 25th March 2022 The Maiden, balance and growth

Beltane – 29th May 2022 – Fertility, creativity and manifestation

Summer Solstice – 24th June 2022 – The Mother, expansion, fullness and celebration

Lammas – 5th August 2022 – Gathering, gratitude, harvest

Autumn Equinox – 23rd September 2022 – The Enchantress, harvest, thanksgiving and balance

Samhain – 28th October 2022 – Ancestors, healing the mother line and honouring the crossing into winter 

I find Jane to be a very wise intuitive woman who has gifts and insights in abundance that she shares generously with others. She helps me to connect more deeply with my true self and I treasure her honesty and courage in living her own life with passion, truth and commitment. This shines through in her work.

Susan Staveley


Our bodies will enjoy this time together as much as our souls. There will be space for laughter and tears, silence and sound, rest and nourishment