The Language of the Heart

The language of the heart speaks softly, like a whisper in your ear.  It can be the soft caress of a warm wind on your skin or the sound of birdsong on the wind.  We can only hear it when we are still and quiet enough to tune in.  When we are open to finding meaning...

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Inner Peace

Today in meditation I went deeply into my own darkness, into sadness and fear and rage.  It made me remember starting out with my meditation practice, when almost every session brought with it tides of immense emotion rolling through me.  Grief, sadness, the darkness...

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Experiments in Life!

What if our lives our defined not by what we do but by the questions we ask ourselves?  Today I am alone.  I am alone.  In a tiny hotel room with tartan curtains and a view of the fire escape.  It is 5.30 in the morning.  And yet the first question to enter my mind is...

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Self Love

Yesterday I did a coaching session with a client of mine who is also a dear friend. He described himself as feeling really connected to his higher self and to God, yet somehow disconnected from life. As we explored more deeply we came across a young part of him that...

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Angry Wednesday

I am annoyed.  Pissed off.  Angry.  Wow, I can say that these days “I am angry”.  I’m a Mum, a wife and someone who yearns to MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.  That said in capital letters because the light inside me that yearns to burn brighter is strong and powerful...

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Sacred Exhaustion

Today I am exhausted.  My throat is sore, my glands are swollen and every part of my body is aching and tired.  I know these feelings of old.  This is a path I have travelled so many times that it has become a clear, wide track.  That pattern of go, go, go; do, do,...

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Intuition and the Washing Line!

Intuition and the Washing Line! Today a friend and I were discussing how the sacred reveals itself in our daily lives and how the present moment is always there, our intuitive voice is always there, yet sometimes we struggle to hear it.  Even when we hear it we can...

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The importance of Ritual

The importance of Ritual As I walked one of my favourite footpaths today I came across a rose, a poem and a card from a daughter to her late Father.  As someone who lost my own Dad very young and who was never given the opportunity to remember him or mark his life in...

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Schools and the middle way

As I walked through the beautiful fields and woodland near my home today, I pondered on the tragedy of mainstream education.  Half a mile away my two daughters would be sitting amidst this beautiful landscape in a classroom.  At a desk.  With no awareness of the...

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