The language of the heart speaks softly, like a whisper in your ear.  It can be the soft caress of a warm wind on your skin or the sound of birdsong on the wind.  We can only hear it when we are still and quiet enough to tune in.  When we are open to finding meaning in the song lyrics that appear in our minds, in the feather that lands at our feet, in the many tiny kindnesses that we all receive every day.

So to hear our heart, to follow our heart, we must first slow down and become quiet.  Then we must listen without expectation for how would you feel if a beloved friend who had ignored you for years suddenly wanted to hear from you again?  We must have patience and dedication and perseverance.

As we nurture space to breathe life back into our heart it will once again begin to open, tentatively at first but with growing confidence, like a child learning to walk, taking their first steps then staggering back into their Mother’s arms, their loving embrace then venturing forth once again.  Stumbling yes, falling yes but all the while growing in confidence and strength.

So it is with the heart.  Treat it as a mother would her child.  Be patient, be gentle and kind.  Nurture the landscape of your heart as you would your garden and your investment will be returned one hundred fold.  For once your heart begins to open and you are able to hear its secrets then you can begin to listen and to follow.

Where will life take you if you follow your heart?